Blue Mountains Stargazing

The Blue Mountains boast some of the most brilliant skies in New South Wales, providing an ideal setting for remarkable stargazing experiences, a fact well-known to Dr. Dimitri Douchin, an astrophysicist.

Blue Mountains Stargazing offers a variety of tours for kids, groups, corporates and the avid star gazer.

During 90-minute sky tours, participants will embark on a journey through the southern sky. Look up with the naked eye to spot stars, planets, and constellations, and delve into the fascinating stories behind them. Then, peer through a telescope for a close-up view of the moon with its craters and seas, Saturn’s rings, the Orion Nebula, deep-space objects, and shooting stars. Suitable for all ages, this unforgettable tour offers the perfect night away from the bright city lights.

If the skies are cloudy, elevate the experience by visiting Douchin’s pop-up planetarium, where the constellations come to life inside the comfort of an inflatable bubble (with a mug of hot chocolate in hand).