The Lolly Bug, Little Hartley

Located two hours west of Sydney, beyond the Blue Mountains, The Lolly Bug in Little Hartley boasts an impressive collection of over 1500 types of sweets along with a unique selection of gifts and gourmet products.

Established by Sharon and Chloe Tofler, our diverse inventory includes confectionery from around the globe, featuring English sweets, Dutch licorice, American favorites like Reese’s and Hershey’s, New Zealand treats, and beloved Australian classics.

Additionally, The Lolly Bug offers handmade chocolates, chocolate-coated delights, oversized lollipops, and novelty items. Explore their array of gifts, including amusing signs and mugs. For those with a taste for the spicy, the gourmet range showcases an extensive assortment of hot sauces, including renowned brands like Blairs and Australia’s award-winning Scorpion Strike.