Wentworth Falls Lake

Wentworth Falls Lake originated from the damming of Jamison Creek to provide water for the steam railway. Today, it hosts a variety of native and introduced waterfowl, along with indigenous fish like Gudgeons and various water insects, including freshwater crayfish, shrimp, and dragonfly nymphs. The lake is suitable for non-motorized watercraft such as kayaks and canoes.

As one of the Blue Mountains City Council’s District Parks, Wentworth Falls Lake is a favored destination, offering a picturesque picnic spot equipped with barbecue facilities and an inclusive smoke-free playground. The lakeshore boasts attractive short walks, featuring wheelchair-friendly pathways and routes suitable for children’s bikes. By utilizing residential streets, these pathways can be connected to create a 30-minute loop walk.

Local sculptors, utilizing locally quarried stone, have crafted sandstone sculptures showcasing seed pods from plants native to the lake. Each sculpture is strategically placed near the corresponding living plant, enhancing the exploration of the lake foreshore and bringing it to life.