Zig Zag Railway

The Zig Zag Railway provides a family-friendly environment where visitors can enjoy the nostalgic experience of heritage steam travel along the original rail route, winding down the scenic western escarpment of the Blue Mountains, closely resembling the late 1800s.

Embark on a journey aboard our meticulously restored steam-hauled passenger service, passing through tunnels and traversing stone viaducts. Zig Zag Railway offers visitors a range of different travel options providing a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience the thrill of traveling by rail as it was done in the past. There are two journeys available: Clarence Station to Bottom Points return or Bottom Points to Clarence Station return.

Take advantage of our picnic facilities, explore souvenir options, or indulge in food and drinks at our renowned Container Café.

Benefit from free parking and restroom amenities, with wheelchair accessibility at our stations and two carriages on each train.