Blue Mountains Music Festival

The Blue Mountains Music Festival spans three days and showcases a diverse lineup of folk, roots, and blues musicians from around the globe and Australia. Take in the performances of world-class artists in various Katoomba venues, creating an intimate and laid-back atmosphere praised by both performers and attendees.

Throughout the weekend, the festival site resonates with the melodies of acoustic guitars, dobros, mandolins, fiddles, accordions, concertinas, bouzoukis, banjos, pianos, drums, percussion, flutes, pipes, whistles, and voices. The vibrant on-site atmosphere is complemented by food and craft stalls, a poet’s brunch, children’s entertainment, and performance workshops.

Situated a brief stroll from Katoomba railway station and the lively stretch of cafes, restaurants, and shops leading to the festival site, the precinct provides easy access.

For tickets and the latest information, refer to the Blue Mountains Music Festival website.