Ultra Trail

From 16-19 May 2024, the scenic and serene town of Katoomba in the heart of the stunning Blue Mountains, NSW, will once again welcome thousands of runners, spectators and support crew to Ultra-Trail Australia by UTMB (UTA).

Situated in the UNESCO-listed Blue Mountains, at Ultra Trail, it’s not just the stairs that will leave you breathless. With expansive cliff tops, rugged rock formations, mesmerizing waterfalls, and the vibrant native bush resonating with the melodies of nature, the UTA course offers breathtaking views at every turn.

Each UTA distance is meticulously crafted to showcase the breathtaking beauty of this location. While they all present their own set of challenges, they are designed to be attainable, providing every runner with a fair opportunity to reach the finish line.

Kicking off the weekend is the UTA11 on Thursday—an ideal initiation for trail running newcomers. With its stunning beauty and a perfect blend of fun and running, it will leave you both breathless and smiling as you cross the finish line.

Friday introduces the UTA22, offering participants a genuine experience of longer courses within a distance that is manageable for beginners and enjoyable for all.

Designed for those tackling their first ultra or progressing from shorter distances, the UTA50 course is both demanding and gratifying as it follows the latter part of the UTA100 route through the picturesque Kedumba Valley.

For those seeking an extraordinary challenge, the UTA100 course spans a hundred kilometers of stunning landscapes—cliff tops, lush valleys, scenic ridges—culminating in the ascent of the famous Furber steps, all 951 of them, leading to the finish line.

Wrapping up the weekend, the 1km-4-Kids event provides an opportunity for the future trail running stars to explore the trails and proudly finish under the UTA arch!